Ultrasonic Cutting

a division of composite applications, inc.

How The Process Works

We use an AGFM brand CNC Ultrasonic Knife to cut through a variety of soft goods.

But what does this mean?

'Ultrasonic' refers to the fact that the blade is oscillating at an ultrasonic frequency, to allow for clean precision cutting.

The knife blade and ultrasonic horn are mounted onto a CNC gantry, which moves back and forth across the cutting surface.

The cutting surface is large compared to other machines, with an envelope of 
392" (x-dimension) by 78.4" (y-dimension) at its maximum. This large envelope allows for less seaming on large flooring projects.

Common Materials

Composites and Engineering Materials
  • Carbon and Fiberglass (Tape and fabric, dry and prepreg)
  • Kapton Films
  • Silicone
  • Polypropylene / Polyethelene (film, sheets)
Resilient Flooring & Other Inlays
  • Linoleum sheet goods
  • Vinyl sheet goods
  • Rubber (tiles, sheet goods, varying thicknesses)
  • VCT Tile (Vinyl Composite)
  • LVT Tile (Luxury Vinyl)
  • Wood Veneer